Born in 1904 in Los Angeles, the son of the Japanese poet Yonejirō Noguchi and the American writer Leonie Gilmour, Isamu NOGUCHI spent his childhood in Japan, then spent his adolescence in the United States.
At the age of 13, he enrolled under his mother's name in a school in Indiana, and began studying medicine at Columbia University, taking courses in sculpture at the same time.
He graduated from La Porte High School (Indiana) in 1922.
In 1924 he studied at the Leonardo da Vinci Art School in New York.
Thereafter, Isamu NOGUCHI created his studio and held his first exhibitions. His life is a succession of journeys between the East and the West.
In the 1920s, he discovered the Western avant-garde in New York.
In 1927, he worked in Constantin Brâncuşi's studio; he was also influenced by his apprenticeship, in the 1930s, in traditional Chinese painting, as well as by the Mingei movement.
From 1935 onwards, he designed stage sets and collaborated on some twenty major works by the choreographer Martha Graham between 1944 and 1988.
The influence of his work as a sculptor can be seen in his furniture creations, particularly his Akari lamps.

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Isamu Noguchi

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